Frank O’Connor & Co. Solicitors, Dingle have over thirty years experience in giving advice on all aspects of making a will.  We take into consideration the family circumstances, the value of assets, taxation, minors, guardians and executors, and we advise our clients on the importance of planning ahead and preparing a suitable will.


At Frank O’Connor & Co. Solicitors, Dingle, we do our best to help our clients through this difficult time.  We give our clients clear advice and assist them in gathering the Deceased’s assets and distributing them in accordance with the Deceased’s wishes and the law.  Sometimes, people die without leaving a Will and in these circumstances we take out “Letters of Administration,” on behalf of the Deceased, and we advise, gather and distribute the Deceased’s Estate, in accordance with Probate law.

Probate actions

From time to time, unfortunately disputes can arise in probate situations, particularly if the spouse and/or children feel that they have not been provided for. We can advise and act on behalf of spouses, children and executors in relation to this and any other type of probate dispute.

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